Top 5 Best Scooters for Skatepark: Reviews and Complete Guide

Best Scooter for Skatepark

There comes a time in a person’s life when they want to have a little fun and enjoy themselves so they do something out of the ordinary. If you are fond of skateparks, getting a good scooter to ride could be a good idea. Scooters are fun for people of all ages, not just kids!

So, if you want to spend some quality time with other skaters, you’ll need one of the best scooters for the skatepark. We will review our top 5 choices in today’s guide, so make sure you stick around and learn more about them.

Best Scooter for Skatepark: Detailed Reviews of Top 5 Choices

1. Mongoose Trace Youth Kick Scooter

best scooter for skateparkMongoose offers a ton of different scooters and bikes, but we recommend that you look into the Trace Freestyle Kick Scooter series as it harbors some of the best scooters ever. The Trace 100 Foldable Kick Scooter can show you just how great this series is, so let’s look into it more closely.

If you are looking for a great, durable, but compact scooter, this is it. It’s not only lightweight and easy to transport, but you can also fold it and have it take up less space in your luggage or storage space. This makes the scooter quite convenient, but there are other great features we must also mention. 

The sturdy frame is also great and will ensure that you can use the scooter for years after you buy it. There will be no problems with the frame as it is not easy to damage. What’s more, you can add up to 170 pounds of weight to it without having any major issues.

Some of the other great features of this scooter are the adjustable handlebars, quality wheels, and bearings. There are several different color options for you to choose from, but no matter which one you go with, we don’t doubt that you will love riding this scooter.


  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Foldable design
  • Soft foam grip


  • The foot space might be a bit small

This scooter is a great choice for people of all ages and kids that are at least 5 years old. It is listed at quite a low price and it comes with many great features. So, if you are looking for a bang for your buck option, this one could be it!

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2. Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

best scooter for skateparkThe second best scooter for the skatepark we are introducing is from Razor and it’s somewhat similar to the scooter we’ve already talked about. It has a similar foldable design, so this makes the scooter easy to store and transport. If you want to take it with you to school or work, just fold it and you will have no problem moving it around.

Another great thing about this scooter is the improved wheels. These are extra-large wheels made from urethane, which means they will feel very smooth while riding. When you are in the skate park, the wheels will contribute to you having a comfortable ride.

But the most noticeable part of the scooter is its design. The colors are bright and interesting, which means people will notice you immediately when you ride around them. The color of the wheels usually matches the color of the handles that are covered in an ergonomic soft foam.


  • Urethane large wheels
  • Foldable design
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • The plastic parts may not be that durable

This scooter is a great choice for people looking to hit the skate park often. If you are planning to get it for a child, make sure that the child is at least 8 years old. It is important to follow the safety guidelines set by the company, so make sure you do that!

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3. Arcade Pro Stunt Scooter

If you want your child to feel like the coolest kid at the skatepark, you must look into this scooter from Arcade. The company outdid itself with the quality parts, unique design, and vibrant colors. This scooter is bound to turn some heads at the skatepark.

Some things we love about this scooter are the custom parts used in the making. You can rely on the 3D-stamped forks, ABEC-7 bearings, durable deck, and the design as a whole to keep you going even on problematic surfaces. However, to get the most from your scooter, you must not put a weight of above 220 lbs on it.

There are several color options for you to choose from, but unlike the other scooters, here you have two colors coupled up. You can go for the classic black-on-black design or choose the black and red, teal and gold, blue and green, or pink and teal combination. Each scooter is beautiful in its own way, so go for the one you like best.


  • Dynamic colorful design
  • 3D-stamped neck
  • ABEC-7 bearings


  • Some parts may not be that durable

If you decide to get this scooter, you should know that it will be arriving in top shape. The company spent extra time designing the packaging so that the scooters won’t be damaged during transport. How great is that?!

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4. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

If your child likes to do stunts at the skatepark, you should think about getting them this X-3 Pro Scooter from Fuzion. Not only is the design durable and lightweight, but all the components used in the making come from quality manufacturers. It is quality and at an affordable price, something that you don’t easily find on the market.

This scooter is a great option for beginner riders. It is easy to use, it offers a smooth ride on all types of surfaces, and the assembling is also quite simple. The big wheels on the scooter are paired with a custom enigma brake that is very quick and quiet.


  • T-bar handlebars
  • Quick and simple assembling
  • Upgraded neck and fork


  • Wheels might damage easily

This particular scooter is recommended only for people above the age of 7. There is a scooter very similar, from the same manufacturer, that is perfect for intermediate riders. So, if you are not looking for a beginner scooter, you should consider looking into the other option.

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5. Razor A Kick Scooter

This is our second time mentioning Razor in this guide because their scooters are just that good! This time, we will talk about the A Kick scooter which has a similar design to the A5 Lux we mentioned earlier. However, this one is suitable for smaller children that are at least 5 years old.

This scooter features the same folding mechanism that makes it quite a convenient one to transport and store. The design can fit people of multiple heights, as the handlebars are adjustable. There are quality urethane wheels on the scooter, while on the back, you will also find a fender brake.

Several color options are available, so people can choose between the pink, black, green, blue, and red scooter. If you want to get your child to like scooters and trips to the skate park, you need this scooter. It can make scootering very fun for children.


  • Rear-fender brake
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Lightweight design


  • The foot plate has sharp edges

Since this is the most affordable scooter on the list, we recommend you look into it closely. You will get all the great features for a lower price. So if you are on a tighter budget, this might be the best option for you.

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Education: Types of Scooter for Skatepark 

Even though we’ve covered some of the best scooters for the skatepark, we want to tell you more about the many types of scooters you may come across. If you are seriously thinking of investing in a scooter, you will need to know the different types before buying one. Here are the most common types of scooters: 

Motorized Electric Scooters

Motorized electric scooters run on a battery that you have to charge before using. They are recommended for people who want to commute with a scooter. They may be too fast or ambitious for people looking to ride in a skatepark. 

Stunt or Trick Scooters

Stunt or trick scooters are best for people who have been going to skateparks for a while. They require careful handling, especially if you want to do tricks with them. If you are new to scootering, consider getting a regular, conventional scooter before you get a stunt scooter. That way you can get used to it before you get started doing tricks. 

Three-wheel Scooters

There are motorized and regular versions of the three-wheel scooters. The former is great for people who want to commute with a scooter but are not that good at keeping balance. The latter is perfect for small children who are beginners in scootering. If you want to get your child to like scootering and want to take them to the skatepark, we recommend getting them a three-wheel scooter as a beginner. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is scootering easier than skating?

Whenever you visit a skatepark, you are bound to find more people on skateboards than on scooters. While skateboards are quite interesting, the newer, more modern scooters are also exhilarating to use.

Scooters are easier to master than skateboards. You can use scooters to perform more exciting tricks than with skateboards. Which option you go with depends on your preferences. 

Why do some skateparks not allow scooters? 

There are some skateparks that do not allow scooters because scooters can be quite fast and dangerous for people in the skatepark. If someone isn’t paying attention to their surroundings, they can easily run into a scooter and get injured.

To avoid accidents, some skateparks have banned scooters. However, if you are a person who loves scootering, you can always find a nice skatepark that allows them. There are a ton of such skateparks, so we don’t doubt you’ll find one that you’ll love. 

Best Skatepark Scooter Brands


Mongoose is a company that has been around for ages. It all started when Skip Hess began making BMX bikes in the 1970s. Things got even better for him when he introduced the Miniscoot scooter during the 1980s. Thanks to the great bikes and scooters the company has created over the years, Mongoose is a name that is quite popular amongst bike riders and stunt people.


Razor emerged in 2000 and took the market by storm as they immediately started making some interesting changes to regular scooters. With their kick scooters and electric scooters, they have gotten quite a lot of attention. But if you want a classic Razor design, you should go for the Razor A model.


Arcade is another brand dedicated to making good scooters for people of all ages. Aside from the scooters, you can also find balance bikes, regular bikes, and skateboards from this company. Their quality products always come at affordable prices, so don’t hesitate to look into them more.


Fuzion Scooters advertises itself as the best scooter company in the world. We can justify this because of how successful their products have been over the years. They don’t only sell scooters –  they also have apparel and accessories that can be paired with your scooter if you want to look like a professional rider at the skatepark.

Best Scooter for Skatepark: Wrap Up 

When it comes to choosing a great scooter for the skatepark, there are many things to think of. The features and the build are the most important, so make sure you keep that in mind when choosing your next scooter. 

You can never go wrong with a scooter from Razor. Whether it is the A5 or the A Kick, you’re bound to get your money’s worth. The scooter from Mongoose is the best budget option, whereas the Arcade and Fuzion scooters are great but are a bit more expensive. 

Remember to go over our detailed reviews when deciding on the best scooter for the skatepark. We sincerely hope that you will find our information helpful. Good luck on your search! 


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