The 5 Best E-Helmets: Detailed Reviews + Full Buying Guide

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For a long time, regular helmets were the only way riders could protect their heads. Cyclists and motorcycle riders had to choose from what were essentially the same unremarkable helmets that were on the market for years. Recently, however, helmet choice has gotten a bit better as a lot of manufacturers have started making E-helmets! 

If you do not know what an e-helmet is, it is a smart helmet that makes riding much more fun. Some such helmets allow you to take pictures, others are great for hands-free calls, and some even offer adjustable helmet sizes. 

You can benefit so much from owning a smart helmet. That is why we decided to give you a list of the top 5 best e-helmets on the market right now. Let’s get right into the reviews so you can see what makes these helmets so amazing!

The 5 Best E-Helmets: Reviewing Our Top Picks

1. Kracess Adult Smart Bike Helmet

This smart bike helmet from Kracess comes with several great options that will come in very handy while you are cycling. For example, you can use the convenient security light on the back of the helmet to stay visible to riders and drivers alike at night. You can also use that light as a turn signal since it is divided into a left light and a right light. 

One of the best things about this helmet is that in the front, there is a camera you can use to shoot videos or take pictures. This helmet is outfitted with an IP Full HD 1080p camera that you can operate with the click of a button. The buttons for both video and camera are located on the side of the helmet.

If you are wondering whether this helmet will fit you, we have to say that it certainly will! The helmet size is adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit your head perfectly. There is a separate controller on the back of the helmet that allows for easy adjustments. 


  • Driving recorder and camera
  • Bluetooth calls and music
  • Turn signal


  • Integrated speaker might lean on the louder side

The company dedicated years to making this wonderful helmet. Even though it is a great, durable helmet, you will get a one-year warranty on it in case something starts malfunctioning.

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2. Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet

This helmet from Lumos might look like a simple, traditional bike helmet, but it actually has quite a few amazing options integrated into it. It is a very secure helmet because of the extra padding the company decided to add on the inside. On the outside, there are front and rear LED lights that can keep you visible even in the darkest of settings.

Lumos didn’t stop there. They decided to include MIPS head protection on some of the helmets from this line. If you do not know what MIPS is, it is a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. This means that in the case of a fall, your helmet will absorb the impact and keep you from injuring your head. 

The helmet comes with a charger you can use whenever the battery runs out. You can also connect the helmet to your phone or smartwatch using the Bluetooth option. This will allow you to operate it more easily.


  • 10+ hours of battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Headlight and brake light included


  • Bluetooth function may malfunction after some time

This is a great helmet for any biker. If you decide to get it for a cyclist friend, you are bound to win some brownie points. 

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3. Livall BH51M Smart Bike Helmet

If you want to make your trip even more fun than it usually is, you need a helmet that can play your favorite jams while you ride. While many helmets can connect to your phone and play audio, the sound of the music will be best on the Livall BH51M helmet. If you are a biker who rides alone, you should consider making your trips less lonely with this helmet.

This helmet won’t just play you music, though. Once you connect it with your phone, you can answer or make calls using it. The helmet comes with controllers that you will need to install on your handlebars. If you plan on riding with some friends, you can also use the helmet as a walkie-talkie!

The battery on this helmet is quite a long lasting one, so you will not need to charge the helmet often. Once you disconnect your phone from it, the helmet will automatically turn off after about 15 minutes. You won’t have to worry about wasting your battery for nothing.


  • Smart LED backlighting
  • Hands-free phone calls
  • Auto power off


  • No forward-facing light

This helmet comes with many great features, only some of which were mentioned in this review. To learn all about the helmet and what it can do for you, make sure to look into it more closely. We know that you will love using it.

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4. Smart4U SH20 Adult Smart Bike Helmet

Smart4u has a ton of great helmets that they currently sell on their website, but the SH20 is the best one thus far. One of the best things about this helmet is that it is so light that you will not even feel like you are wearing a helmet. It has every safety feature you’d need, and you will stay comfortable with its great ventilation system. 

On the inside of the helmet, you will find removable pads that you can wash whenever needed. This is a great thing for people who use the helmet in the summer when there is a high chance of them sweating on the entire inside of the helmet. The pads are also very comfortable, so you will love how the helmet fits on your head.

Since this is a smart helmet, you can expect to find speakers as well as a microphone in the helmet. We recommend that you pair the helmet with your phone for convenient use. That way, you can continue riding while talking on the phone or listening to music through your helmet.


  • Quick USB charging
  • Breathable helmet with ventilation
  • Shockproof helmet


  • No signal lights on the back

This is one of the most comfortable helmets ever because it has a great lining, it is made with premium materials all over, and it still comes with all options you would need from a smart helmet. It is also one of the most affordable helmets on this list, so be sure to look into it if you are on a tighter budget.

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5. Livall C20 Smart Bike Helmet

This is the second helmet from the company Livall that we will mention in this review. We decided to include this helmet on the list because it is great for people of all sizes. You can adjust the inside of the helmet to fit your head. Remember that the medium-sized helmet measures 21.26 to 22.83 inches on the inside, whereas the large one measures 22.44 to 24 inches.

Just like the previous helmet we reviewed from this company, the C20 comes with an auto shut-off option. After disconnecting your phone from the helmet and leaving it motionless for about 15 minutes, the helmet will turn itself off.

One of the best things about this helmet is the SOS alert, which can come in very handy if you have an accident or come across someone who has been in an accident. After the helmet detects a collision of some kind, it will send an emergency SOS signal through the app. If you witness an accident, you can send the signal using the Livall riding app.


  • Adjustable size
  • Integral protective molding
  • SOS alerts upon collision


  • No turn signals

You will get all of these features and many more for quite an affordable price. The safety, security, and comfort of this helmet are something you will not come across often. So, consider getting this helmet for your or your loved ones. 

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Education: Key Features in an E-Helmet

There is honestly no point in just purchasing e-helmet and wearing it when you are out and about. It is extremely important that you think about the key features you want your helmet to have. Bluetooth audio and hands-free calls are great features, but they are not the most important features out there. Here are the key features you should look for in an e-helmet: 


Ventilation is very important, especially if you tend to cycle, bike, or ride a scooter during the summer. So that you don’t become hydrated due to perspiration on your head, you need a helmet that will allow your skin to breathe at all times. That’s why we recommend that you get an e-helmet that offers great ventilation. 


Staying safe during your trips is also of critical importance. You should always look for helmets that have shock-absorption abilities.If you fall off with a helmet made to protect you in the case of a crash, the helmet will absorb the shock and may leave you practically unscathed. 


Many e-helmets weigh a lot because of their integrated features. Some come with cameras and Bluetooth connectors on the inside. Pair that up with some thick padding and you will get one heavy helmet. 

When trying to choose an e-helmet, make sure that you choose one that does not weigh that much. Prioritize the features that are most important to you. That will help you stay comfortable during your trips. 


If the helmet does not fit right, you will have a ton of problems to deal with. It will move around and make you uncomfortable. Either take measurements at home and go for an e-helmet that fits the rider, or choose one that is adjustable in size. 

Frequently Asked Question on E-Helmets

What e-helmet is best for a scooter?

Which e-helmet a person chooses to go with will depend on their preferences as well as their needs. For cyclists, the needs might be different than those of motorcycle or scooter riders. A safe bet is to look for a helmet that has the key features we mentioned in the buying guide. Make sure you keep those features in mind when on the market for an e-helmet. 

Is it law to wear an e-helmet on an electric scooter? 

This depends on your location and where you are riding the electric scooter. Some areas require riders to wear an e-helmet or any other kind of helmet that can protect them. Always check the laws and requirements in a given location to know whether or not you need a helmet like the ones reviewed in this guide. 

Best E-Helmet Brands


Kracess is a new company, but it is one that puts a lot of thought into every product they put out. Currently, they offer a variety of adult bike helmets, smart helmets, waterproof handlebar bags, as well as some bike taillights.


A Boston-based company, Lumos has been working towards improving the safety of all cyclists. They are a Kickstarter company that made a name for themselves on the market thanks to their amazing headgear. If you are looking for smart helmets with a ton of great options, Lumos is the way to go.


Livall is a company that has been going strong since 2015 – the time when it released the first smart cycling helmet. Their helmets made a huge impact on the market and made smart helmets the thing all cyclists need. Nowadays, the company prides itself on its many patents and awards for its amazing products.


The company called Smart4U focuses on all types of sports as well as science and technology. They combine all of these areas when creating their helmets. They currently offer city commuter, smart cycling, safe sports, retro rider, and road mountain bike helmets.

Best E-Helmet: Wrap Up

There are a ton of great e-helmets on the market, but some stand out over the others. Livall offers a ton of great, feature-packed, safe helmets. We have included two of their helmets because they are so great. 

Companies like Smart4U, Kracess, and Lumos also have some amazing e-helmet designs, so we recommend that you look into them as well. If you know any other great e-helmets that you think we should include in our next list, please share them in the comments. We would love to get your input on the topic!


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