How Fast Can a Scooter Go? Let’s Find Out!

how fast can a scooter go

Whether you are cruising through busy streets or flying down a highway, nothing quite compares to the thrill of being on a scooter. Your scooter’s speed is a big deal.

So how fast can a scooter go? And how do you ensure your ride is safe and secure?

The average speed of an electric scooter stands between 15-30 miles per hour. A few powerful models have higher top speeds that may not be safe for inexperienced riders.

This article will help you understand how fast your e-scooter can run and what factors affect its speed.

Factors Affecting the Speed of an Electric Scooter

Ladies riding on e scooter

If you wonder why your friend’s scooter goes so much faster than yours, here are some things to consider.

Rider’s Weight 

The more weight you place on your e-scooter, the harder its battery will work to hit the maximum speed. 

Because the scooter’s battery and motor use power to push the device, the rider’s weight impacts its performance. The heavier the person, the faster the scooter’s battery will drain.

That is why some manufacturers mention the weight capacity of specific electric scooters. 

You should go for a model whose maximum weight is greater than yours. If you are heavier than the design capacity of the electric scooter, you will be unable to go at top speed.


The terrain will not affect your scooter’s speed if you commute around the city streets. But what if you want to take it on a trail?

Riding your e-scooter on bumpy and rocky roads can lower the speed of your electric scooter. This is because the motor has to work harder on rough tracks. As a result, your scooter undergoes stress to reach high speeds.

Likewise, steep hills also reduce your scooter’s speed. But if your adventures take you along uncharted trails, invest in a model for all terrain types. 

Such scooters have a sturdy built-in technology and robust motor for optimal performance.


The tire height and width affect how your scooter behaves on the road. 

For example, large-wheeled scooters can zip down a highway but may have trouble reaching the top of a steep hill. Shorter tires have lower top speeds but fare well as you move up hills. 

Likewise, tire width also impacts how a scooter grips the ground. The wider the tires, the better the traction. 


Your e-scooter will power down and lower its speed to avoid draining your battery.

So, check your gadget’s battery to determine if it is impacting the speed. If you are a regular rider, plug your e-scooter overnight for a full charge before heading out. 

If your e-scooter runs out of juice too soon, consider buying a new one. There might be an issue with the battery itself or something else in the device’s circuitry that needs repair or replacement.

How Fast Can a Scooter Go? 

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The speed of an electric scooter varies depending on its model, scooter type, brand, and more. E-scooters designed for adults and kids also have different top speeds.

So, whether you are a scooter-riding daredevil or a kid looking to get the thrill of adrenaline pumping in your veins, here is an overview.

For Adults 

The top speed of an e-scooter for adults ranges between 15-25 miles per hour. Technological advancements in a few models allow them to reach around 30 mph.

That is the fastest speed you can hit in a battery-operated scooter. You should buy a gas-powered model to go beyond 30 mph. 

For Kids 

kids riding electric scooter

The average speed of a kids’ electric scooter is 15mph, while the top speed is 18mph on a single charge.

Manufacturers limit the speed of children’s scooters to ensure safety. Besides, some states’ legal requirements also restrict them from increasing the top speeds.

On a side note, if your child owns a kick scooter, they can enjoy up to 19 mph. It depends on how much force they exert during the ride. 

E-Scooter Speed Based on Motor Capacity and Battery

E-scooters have a rechargeable battery that stores the electricity from a power source, such as a plug-in outlet or wall charger.

The motor and battery are two of the most vital components of your e-scooter. The motor propels the scooter forward while the battery powers it. Both play a role in determining how fast your e-scooter purrs.

Pros recommend a few parameters depending on the age factor. 

  • Within 120 watts – it is ideal for kids between six and nine. This power provides a top speed of 5 mph to 7.5 mph.
  • Around 250 watts. – it is suitable for children between around 10-12 years. They can achieve a top speed of 15 mph. 
  • 350 watts – it is appropriate for teens aged 13-14 years. They can enjoy a top speed of up to 18 mph. 
  • 350-500 watts – it is ideal for adults or teens under 90 kg who want to hit 18-20 mph top speed. 
  • Over 500 watts – it performs best for people commuting at 15-20mph on average and 25mph as a top speed. 

Are Electric Scooters Safe?

While electric scooters are safe, you must take certain precautions and adhere to the protection laws. This will maximize your safety during the ride. 

So wear a helmet and be safe. Take safer paths, avoid riding during heavy downpours, and follow the road signs.

The sturdy technology makes e-scooters perfect for off-road riding and stable enough to carry your groceries.

Different states have specific laws about e-scooter speeds. You must do your homework to obey local and governmental laws when riding outdoors. 

Quick Tips for a Safe Ride Outdoors 

Riding a scooter or moped is an adventure, but safety should be a priority. 

Check out some safety rules to avoid unpleasant events and maximize protection on the road. 

  • Obey the street-specific speed restrictions and adhere to the traffic signs. 
  • Wear a helmet. Helmets are the most important gear for an E-scooter or moped rider – make sure yours is up to date, fits correctly, and is comfortable.
  • Use bike lanes where possible. 
  • Ditch your headphones to remain alert when riding. 
  • Avoid taking your scooter out in inclement weather. 
  • Slow down your scooter and grab the handles when moving downhill.


What’s the Average Speed of 50cc Scooters? 

The top speed of a 50cc scooter is 30mph. But, you can find a few models reaching up to 60mph.

What’s the Average Speed 150cc Scooters? 

A 150cc scooter will reach 60 miles per hour under normal riding conditions. These vehicles are reliable and easy to operate.

What’s the Average Speed of a 250cc Scooter? 

The average speed of a 250cc scooter is around 60mps. A few models allow you to hit up to 75 miles per hour. 


We have all been riding an e-scooter and you got the itch to go a little faster. But how fast can a scooter go?

An e-scooter cannot go faster than 30mphs, and most countries restrict the speed limit to 25 mph.

You can always inquire about your scooter’s speed from the manufacturer. Also, those who own moped versions can gauge the speed based on the cylinder capacity. Happy riding!


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